Virginia Tech Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics and Economics Launches New Global Undergrad Journal

Virginia Tech’s Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics and Economics has launched the only undergrad journal in the world open to students in philosophy, politics and economics outside of their school.

The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Review: An International Undergraduate Journal – published in association with Virginia Tech Publishing – will publish research in philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), humanities and social sciences.

Students who recently completed an undergrad degree are eligible to submit.

Virginia Tech seniors Grace Robinson and Nik Filip – both PPE majors – serve as editors-in-chief.


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Bentley University Offering Undergrad DEI Major

Bentley University is offering an undergrad diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) major.

Starting July 1, students will be able to choose between a Bachelor of Arts degree, focusing on approaches to social justice, and a Bachelor of Science degree, emphasizing DEI in organizational strategy.

Both concentrations will pair business courses and arts and sciences courses with electives from multiple subjects.

Studies will end with a capstone research project or internship.


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Postsecondary Value Commission Findings Show Disparities in Postsecondary Education Value

The national Postsecondary Value Commission – supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and managed by the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) – released its final findings – using national and institutional data – confirming wide-ranging disparities in the value of a postsecondary education in terms of race, income, and gender.

As such, the commission is proposing a new approach to measuring postsecondary value and is offering recommendations.

Wealth and earnings disparities are entrenched in American society but are not insurmountable.

Higher ed institutions have the responsibility to equitably serve historically disadvantaged students.

“Higher education should be a pathway to a better living and better life for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic background or gender,” said Mamie Voight, interim president of the Institute for Higher Education Policy. “The commission’s research details the impressive economic and non-economic returns that we as a society are leaving on the table by allowing these inequities to persist, and the commission’s measurement approach provides a clear framework to assess student outcomes. But even before the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent racial reckoning, we never intended our work to sit on a shelf; as we grapple with all that the last 14 months have wrought, our action agenda aims to catalyze evidence-based steps to build a better, fairer system for students, families and society as a whole.”



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Dr. Hari M. Osofsky Appointed Dean of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Dr. Hari M. Osofsky has been appointed dean of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and the Myra and James Bradwell Professor, effective Aug. 1.

Dr. Hari M. Osofsky

Osofsky is currently the dean of Penn State Law and the Penn State School of International Affairs and Distinguished Professor of Law, professor of international affairs and professor of geography.

Osofsky is known for her work around diversity, equity and inclusion at Penn State Law and the Penn State School of International Affairs.

Her leadership roles have included serving as president of the Association for Law, Property, and Society; chair of the American Association of Law School’s Sections on Property and on International Law; and a member of the Dean’s Steering Committee of the American Association of Law Schools, Executive Council of the American Society of International Law and the International Law Association’s Committee on the Legal Principles of Climate Change.

Osofsky holds bachelor’s degrees with distinction in philosophy and studies in the environment from Yale University, a law degree from Yale Law School and a Ph.D. in geography from the University of Oregon.



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