EXCLUSIVE Berkeley student senator disavowed over Christian beliefs responds to calls to RESIGN

EXCLUSIVE Berkeley student senator disavowed over Christian beliefs responds to calls to RESIGN

A University of California-Berkeley student senator is facing calls to resign after expressing her traditional Christian views.

Isabella Chow is an elected student senator who represents the Associated Students of the University of California party Student Action. But after choosing to abstain from voting on a resolution to oppose the recent Title IX changes proposed by President  DonaldTrump, Chow's own party disavowed her. 

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The proposed Title IX changes lack a legal definition of gender, effectively limiting “gender identity” to one’s physical sex, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The resolution before the Berkeley student government was a statement of opposition to these proposed changes, intended to display solidarity with members of the LGBT community, specifically "transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender nonconforming students,” as reported by the independent student newspaper the Daily Californian.

Chow, who says she "campaigned very clearly as the candidate who would represent the Christian community” chose not to vote for the bill, stating that she could not do so "without compromising [her] values and [her] responsibility to the community that elected [her] to represent them.”  

During an interview with Campus Reform, Chow said that she was “unprepared” for the reaction that she received after being disavowed by her own party.  

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"I didn't expect the backlash and misunderstanding to be so swift,” Chow said, adding that she believes said misunderstanding is one that comes from "a difficulty to reconcile how the traditional Christian worldview can espouse love and validity for all individuals and yet disagree with certain identities or choices.”

“At the end of the day, it's a belief in objective truth,” Chow explained.  

Despite the fact that students are now rallying and displaying banners that read “Senator Chow Resign Now,” she says she views the even

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