College Dems host TA who compared whites to aposautistic kidsapos

College Dems host TA who compared whites to aposautistic kidsapos

Young Democrats at the University of Georgia held an event on Wednesday, providing a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant who has compared white students to “autistic kids” and “sociopaths” a platform to espouse his views. 

Teaching Assistant Irami Osei-Frimpong teaches UGA’s PHIL 2010 and 2100 courses, both of which are introductory philosophy courses that serve as graduation requirements and prerequisites for students in various majors. 

“There is a way in which White people in the South learn manners as a series of behaviors the way autistic kids learn to read social cues for behaviors,” Osei-Frimpong said on Twitter on August 13. “Except since these guys and gals aren't autistic, I just feel like I'm around a bunch of sociopaths.”

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Osei-Frimpong, whose student profile indicates that his research includes educational philosophy, has aimed his attacks at the process by which American school systems choose to teach civics courses.

The TA said that civics classrooms designed to make students comfortable would be “white supremacist” and that he teaches students who receive “white family wealth” and think they earned it by working at Chic-fil-A. 

“I have acquired student debt just like a lot of students on this campus," UGA business management major Parker Marlow told Campus Reform. "Where is this white wealth when I need it? It’s highly unprofessional for any instructor to direct those kids of comments at students who are required to take his/her class.”

Osei-Frimpong also argued for normalizing jail sentences, particularly as they pertain to white women.

"All of these white women getting arrested is great,” Osei-Frimpong said. “We need to destigmatize jail, and just see it as something good people do from time to time, like a soldier going to battle. It's not something you run to, but not something you run away from. (Paraphrasing Gandhi)”

The TA has also taken to Twitter to discuss religion to race, stating that he views Peter as “the whitest Disciple,” noting that Peter “stumbles through all four Gospels and still en

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