Prof allegedly sucker-punches critic of social justice gaming

A popular critic of identity politics in gaming was physically assaulted last Thursday, allegedly by a Quinnipiac University gaming professor who previously vowed to “fight” those who disagreed with his social justice views. 

According to multiple witness statements, Professor Matthew Fantastic Loter approached Youtuber Jeremy Hambly from behind at the Indianapolis bar Tin Roof, put Hambly in a headlock, repeatedly punched him, and yelled “I’m going to f***ing kill you.” 

When Hambly fled to the inside of the bar, the witnesses say, another patron blocked Loter from following, whereupon Loter punched a glass window of the bar, breaking it.

The incident happened after GenCon, an annual gaming conference held in Indianapolis, and appears to be politically motivated. Prior to GenCon, Hambly published a Youtube video criticizing GenCon for inviting well-known social justice advocate Anita Sarkeesian. 

“Why would you bring the most toxic, the most divisive person in gaming, to the world's biggest gaming convention?" Hambly asked during that video. 

Six days later, Hambly says he noticed that Loter had tweeted under the now-deleted handle @Prettiest_Matt, saying “Real talk: if you have a problem with [Anita Sarkeesian] being invited to @GenCon fucking fight me. I’m easy to find.” 

Fearing for his safety, Hambly archived that tweet. He attended the conference anyway. 

“At about 2:00 a.m., someone came up behind me and put their arm around my neck, and said: Hey, are you Jeremy Hambly?” he told Campus Reform by phone on Wednesday.

“At that moment, I sincerely thought it was a fan from YouTube. And then I turned my head and Loter started screaming and punching me, yelling ‘I'm going to f***ing kill you,” said Hambly. “It took four people to pry him off… then he punched a window and ran off.” 

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Loter is listed on the faculty roster at Quinnipiac University. But when Campus Reform inquired, a spokeswoman said “The person in question is not on our faculty and does not teach here.” 

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