VIDEO Antifa group crashes TPUSA conference

A mob of Antifa demonstrators crashed a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) Midwest Regional Conference on Saturday, attempting to ruin the event for more than 300 attendees.

According to It’s Going Down, a website for Antifa organizations, the radical activists attempted to disrupt the event twice, sending two groups of protesters with signs and banners to interfere with the conference, which took place over the weekend in Rosemont, Illinois.

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“This morning, comrades came in two waves,” an Antifa member wrote. “I was in the first and we had about 10 people total. Our group was between the ages of 23 and 70. We were a mix of Chicago GDC, DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus, Milwaukee IWW, and antifascists.” 

The protesters then went on to walk “through the elevated walkway with our picket signs, all anti-capitalist and anti-racist messages written on the back of outdated Toys for Tots posters stapled to recycled wood sticks.”

The second wave was much smaller, consisting only of about 5 people, the website explains. During both disruptions, security officers confronted protesters and promptly removed them from the conference facility.

Once the Antifa members were outside, several TPUSA members followed the demonstrators to counter-protest. 

“It was basically to show them we're not backing down and we're not gonna let them ruin this conference,” one student attendee, Jake Lorenz, told Campus Reform.

Another attendee, who wished to be identified only as “Evan,” disclosed to Campus Reform that once outside, Antifa began to light different objects on fire using “lighters [and] aerosol spray,” including “toilet paper, signs, and plastic pieces.”

“It smelled awful, so we left,” Evan said.

According to Lorenz, the TPUSA attendees started to chant “USA! USA!” as police finally showed up and ushered the Antifa members away from the premises. 

“They did not re-enter and could not be on the grounds,” Lorenz told Campus Reform.

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The GDC touted the protest on its Facebook page, calling TPUSA a “far-right fascist group” that spreads ”misinformation and racist, xenophobic,

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Kent State asks Is Christianity the White Mans Religion

Kent State University hosted an event Tuesday titled “Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?”

The event featured various cosponsors such as the Impact Movement, UHURU Magazine, the Jude 3 Project, and the university itself. The event featured a panel of 3 speakers: Lisa Fields MDIV, the founder of the Jude 3 Project, Sho Baraka, and Vince Bantu PhD.

The event commenced with the panel opening the floor to the audience, allowing the crowd to showcase any prior knowledge of the topic, or any subject they are looking forward to covering. The first gentleman to speak stated his concern for “young individuals on the street being pulled away from Christianity,” which he said has led to the general “whitewashing of Christianity.”

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Another gentleman echoed this concern for “whitewashing,” stating that “Christianity originated in Africa, and Europeans merely took it and made it their own.” The gentleman ended his statement by asking “who benefits from the billions of dollars from Christianity? Is it the white people and the businesses, or is it the black people?”

The panel then began with Baraka speaking on the history of Christianity, stating that “Christianity, is in fact, a white man’s religion” because of “identity politics.” Baraka argued that identity politics is what “makes humans subconsciously assign certain cultures to different groups.”

Baraka used this definition to explain that a large portion of black people don’t want to have anything to do with Christianity because it doesn’t fit their culture, but rather conforms to Western and white culture.

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The panel continued with Bantu speaking more about the geographical history of Christianity. 

Bantu stated that like many concepts, Christianity has suffered due to “bad storytelling,” arguing that because of “settler colonialists like Christopher Columbus, Christianity was formed into a theology that made people see Christians one type of way.” Bantu explained that because of this paradigm, “the settler colonialists could do whatever they wanted with people who didn’t fit their description of Christianity.”


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Scripps College pool party desegregated then postponed

Update: The pool party has now been postponed. Scripps College President Lara Tiedens sent out the following email to students this afternoon:

“The pool party has been postponed due to concerns about student safety in the wake of numerous phone calls and emails from the public expressing hostility and threatening physical violence.”

After the Independent reported that event organizers segregated Friday’s pool party at Scripps College, barring white students from attending, the organizers changed their event’s description to allow all students regardless of race at the Claremont Colleges—a consortium consisting of Scripps College, Pomona College, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College, and Pitzer College—to attend the pool party hosted at the college’s Sallie Tiernan Field House.

In a previous version of the Facebook event description, the organizers made it clear that the pool party was open only to students who identified as persons of color (POC):

“This event is only to 5C [Claremont Colleges] students identifying as POC.”

However, after the Independent’s article about the POC-only event reached a national audience, the organizers changed their event's description to be more inclusive, and allow all students, including those who identify as white, to attend the pool party. The current version of Facebook event description states that the pool part “is open to all 5C [Claremont Colleges] students.”

Unlike the old event description, the new description, which does not bar white students from attending, avoids violating national civil rights legislation such as Title VI, and Scripps’s own anti-discrimination policy. Title VI prevents education institutions receiving federal funds—which includes nearly all private colleges including Scripps—from “discriminating when it comes to race, color, and national origin.” Recreational facilities at education institutions such as Sallie Tiernan House Pool must also abide by this law.

Students who were previously barred from the pool party supported the event organizers’ decision. One Pomona College student told the Independent that he “feel[s] relieved that the event hosts decided to open the party to the entire community, including to white-passing individuals such as myself. This way my POC friends are not forced

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