Tufts students say Ben Shapiros views put them in danger

Liberal students at Tufts University are pressuring the student government to deny funding for the College Republicans to host an event featuring Ben Shapiro.

The funding request was scheduled for discussion by the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate on October 29, but was tabled at the request of the Tufts College Republicans President George Behrakis, who told The Tufts Daily that the club need time to prepare a response following “a swift mobilization against us by leftist student groups.”

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Tufts United for Immigrant Justice (UIJ) and Tufts Student Action (TSA) had created a Facebook event called “Pack the Room: Vote No to Ben Shapiro” in hopes of persuading the student senators, but cancelled the demonstration after the vote was postponed.

“Ben Shapiro's history of spreading fake news and fear-mongering, particularly around issues of immigration, has put many of our communities in tangible amounts of danger,” a description of the shelved protest states.

“If Ben Shapiro is invited to campus, he will be given a legitimate platform to continue spreading these lies and will threaten the undocumented-friendly environment we've spent the past five years fighting for,” the description continues before calling on readers to attend and voice their opposition to the event.

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Some Tufts students posted on the wall of the Facebook event, saying that Shapiro should be able to come to the university and speak.

“As a lifelong Democrat and liberal who opposes 98% of what Ben Shapiro says please let him come and speak,” one commenter wrote, but others complained that Shapiro’s presence on campus would psychologically harm students.

Behrakis told Campus Reform that the College Republicans “think [Shapiro] occupies a unique space on the right: he holds pretty standard conservative beliefs, but is also critical of the president when he feels it’s necessary,” adding that “his outspoken style is also something that I think makes him an engaging speaker for young conservatives across the country.”

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Still, Behrakis said he is unsure whether the funding request will ultim

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