Donor claims politics behind rejection of conservative speaker

A major benefactor claims that the Dean of the University of Montana’s Journalism School objected to her selection of a speaker based on opposition to his conservative views.

According to KGVO, Maria Cole is the benefactor for the Cole Memorial Scholarship, which includes an annual event called the Jeff Cole lecture. Every year, Cole invites someone to speak at the lecture, and this year she selected Mike Adams, a University of North Carolina-Wilmington professor who also writes for

Adams is also known for a winning a 2014 First Amendment case alleging that UNC-W had denied him a promotion based on his conservative politics, which Cole cited as her primary reason for inviting him to address journalism students.

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Yet Cole claims that after inviting Adams to deliver this year’s lecture, she met opposition from the Dean of Journalism Larry Abramson.

“The Journalism School is not excited about my inviting Dr. Adams to campus and they have strongly encouraged me to select another speaker,” Cole told KGVO, noting that “I have already contracted to have Dr. Adams here and the previous nine years there have never been objections to my selection for a lecture so I find it a bit unusual now that this different voice is not welcome.”

In an email to Cole that was obtained by KGVO, Abramson expresses concern about “the risk of offending students,” pointing out that Adams “is pretty extreme in his views” but conceding that “we can still have a conversation with him if you want.”

The email cites Adams’ “opposition to tolerance of transgender accommodations” as evidence that “he appears to be siding with Christians in the ‘culture war,’” mentions “his efforts to make sure that abortion providers give time to Christian speakers, in the interest of freedom of speech,” and also links to a satirical article written by Adams on why he is “Banning Illegal Aliens From My Classes.”

When contacted by KGVO, Abramson insisted that his “chief concern” was simply that Adams is not a journalist, but then proceeded to reiterate his objections to the professor’s political views, declaring that Adams “has attacked members of the LGBTQ community in public forums and, in my view, bel

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Prof frets that female students dont feel oppressed enough

A University of Connecticut professor is calling for a “more expansive inclusion of feminism” by colleges to help female students recognize the oppression they face.

Cristina Mogro-Wilson, who teaches social work at UConn, surveyed 118 students pursuing a Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree and found that the overwhelming majority of respondents—94 percent of whom were women—do not believe that “discrimination and subordination” are “salient issues in women’s lives.”

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While the respondents were less likely to believe that discrimination was a major issue in their lives than were MSW students surveyed for a 2013 national sample, many of them still agreed with other feminist topics of concern, such as the need for “liberal gender roles” and “equality, equal opportunities, and respect.”

The findings are problematic, Mogro-Wilson contends, because without a sense of their own oppression, students may be disinclined to “embrace the notion of change through unification,” such as in the form of protesting.

Worrying about the potential of a “post-feminist standpoint among younger women…who no longer see discrimination against women as being a salient issue,” Mogro-Wilson calls for incorporating more intersectionality into the social work curriculum.

“Intersectionality provides a useful framework to examine gender-based oppression,” she says, adding that discrimination “cannot be fully understood without also considering other coexisting social identities, like race, culture, sexuality, and class.”

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She also deems it “essential that students learn to nuance their understandings around oppression, so that when considering foundational social work issues, like poverty, mental health status, and oppression, that to the extent possible all areas of social identity are explored in combination.”

Without a strong understanding of how women are discriminated against, Mogro-Wilson worries that her social work students might be doing their future clients a disservice, noting that research has shown that “social workers tend to perpetuate traditional gender roles.”

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Panel on civil discourse shut down by uncivil protesters

A panel on “civil discourse” Tuesday at the University of California, Los Angeles was shut down by protesters who refused to vacate the auditorium, forcing the event to be relocated.

According to video of the protest obtained by Campus Reform, one unidentified female began shouting at the panel of speakers—which included such prominent figures as Professor Eugene Volokh and Los Angeles Times Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jon Healey—abruptly accusing them of “not dealing with the reality that we’re facing right now.”

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“This is outrageous. You’re not dealing with the reality. You’re not dealing with the reality that we’re facing right now where people are being deported. Yes you can take me out of this room but I’m not going to shut up,” she hollered as a security guard attempted to remove her from the venue.

“Look. We need to actually organize ourselves to create a political crisis to get this fascist regime from power,” she shouted, claiming the “country was founded on genocide and slavery” and “was never f***ing great.”

“We can’t normalize fascism,” she proceeded to yell, imploring audience members to stand and raise a fist with her in protest.

“Stand up because this is what the good Germans were facing. This is what the people in Nazi Germany were facing,” she declared as another protester joined in, eventually leading a boisterous chant of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

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“The point of this panel is to talk about civil discourse,” one speaker stated in an effort to calm the protesters by pointing out the irony of their behavior, but the chants continued until the panelists were forced to move to a separate room to continue the event.

“November 4, it begins. Trump and Pence must go!” protesters repeatedly shouted as the auditorium emptied, referencing Antifa’s planned uprising in November.

Andrew Litt, a recent graduate of UCLA School of Law who was in attendance, told Campus Reform that “this heckler’s veto behavior is reprehensible by any standard.

“It is literally the antithesis of productive discussion about freedom of speech in

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Socialist group calls for extermination of capitalists

A socialist student group at Iowa State University has repeatedly made threatening comments about conservatives on social media, but the school says the comments are protected speech.

In one recent tweet, the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter called for the hanging and extermination of all “capitalists.”

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“The left has done a good job radicalizing juggalos, weebs, furries, but I will not rest until ‘hXc’ stands for hang+Xterminate capitalists,” the group wrote in an October 4 tweet that has since been deleted.

After students brought the tweet to attention of the university, it replied via twitter by stating “this falls under free speech” and then offering available “resources” to student if they “feel threatened or harassed.”

Nor is this the first time that YDSA has posted threatening tweets, such as a September 30 tweet in which the club endorsed “shooting” President Trump.

“COMRADES: stay away from needle drugs! The only dope worth shooting is in the oval office rn [right now],” the group tweeted, though it subsequently deleted that post, as well.

Notably, YDSA is an officially registered student organization at the university, making it one that is “consistent with the mission and culture of the university,” according to the expectations for registered student groups.

While the university did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment, one student asserted that YDSA has a long-established pattern of making vitriolic remarks about conservatives.

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“Overall, the club has had many hateful tweets against capitalism and capitalists, with the occasional directly-threatening tweet as shown above,” student Michael Fredrickson told Campus Reform.

“If this was a conservative group, all hell would break loose. It wouldn’t be allowed. Making them delete tweets isn’t going to do anything,” a recent graduate of the university

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Liberal student calls out peers for superficial activism

A Columbia University student is urging classmates to demand that the school cancel conservative speakers and tear down a Thomas Jefferson statue to combat “white nationalists.”

In an op-ed for The Columbia Spectator Monday, Heven Haile, a board member of the school’s Black Students’ Organization, called out the “empty activism from privileged folk, namely white liberals, driven by the desire to gain social capital” that she sees on campus.

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Written in response to the recent lecture by Tommy Robinson, who was repeatedly shouted down by protesters during an event last week, Haile tells her peers that it is “not enough to merely oppose [Donald] Trump or white nationalists” through “superficial activism” because “We need policies, initiatives, real change.”

Rather than protesting events like the Robinson speech, Haile urges her classmates to “write to Columbia administrators advising them to cancel the [Columbia College Republicans] speaker series,” adding that they should also demand that the school “refrain from punishing students who protested Tommy Robinson’s hate speech.”

The Columbia Republicans hosted Tommy Robinson and Herman Cain this earlier this month, and plan to host other well-known conservatives such as Mike Cernovich, Jack Abramoff, Dennis Prager, and Adam Carolla in upcoming weeks.

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Haile also calls for the removal of a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus, a common demand in recent years. Just last April, for instance, the student group Mobilized African Diaspora (MAD) covered the Thomas Jefferson statue with a KKK hood and published an open letter claiming that the statue celebrates “the legacy of a man who is the epitome of white supremacy.”

Less obvious is the motivation behind Haile’s other demand that the iconic Butler Library be renamed.

The library’s benefactor, Nicholas Murray Butler, has often been portrayed as a Nazi sympathizer, but persistent concerns have also been raised about the library’s honoring of “dead white men,” as its facade is inscribed with the name of Greek scholars, such as Plato, Herodotus, and Aristotle, and two years ago, students created a petition demanding that the

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